The most sought after  acessory to any home is of course the pool. There you can relax, forget about the days worries and make the most of the sunshine in the intimacy of your garden, and top up that long awaited tan. Often, this is the space of entertainment and pleasure in which would be the center of attention to any party.

To be able to enjoy all these things, the pool needs to be on that you are satisfied with , and is not just a simple hole in the ground that that is filled with water. The exterior of the pool is just as important as the interior, because this is what will tie together the overall aspcet of the pool and its surroundings. The shape of the pool is just as important from an aesthetic point of view as well as a practical one. The imprinted concrete becomes the ideal solution for any exterior pool. The design of this concrete base will create an extraordinary view for the most perfect moments that you want to spend relaxing.

In terms of the homes colour but also the way  your garden looks, the imprinted concrete can pe personalized in diverse colours and shapes. If in your space, the dominating colours are light, for example whites, grays or other silmiar colours, then imprinted concrete or charcoal gray would fit perfcetly in this context.

You can choose a rectangular design in which we can play with diverse borders to offer particular aesthetics full of elegance. On top of this, the excess water by the pool  will evaporate much faster on the imprinted concrete, apart from if you prefer to leave drainage or stones surrounding the pool. The cleaning aspect of an impreted cconcrete pool will also much easier and faster on this type of material. If you think how may friends may be coming over all summer longm this is great news! This materials provides you wuth assurance that in contact with water the material will stay adherent, avoiding the risk of slipping.

Using the pool as a point of interest, you can inspire yourself with design ideas from many other places or you can ask for our expert advice, to help you mke the right decision that is susted to you and your needs.