Your home becomes truly ” your home ”. Only then all the details are in place, when everything is finalized and there is nothiung left for you to do, apart from enjoying your morning coffee from the breathtaking views of your garden alogside your family and those who you love. Design ideas from you are always welcome, as this will help you find inspiration for what you would like in your garden.

Once the construction of the house itself is finalized, dont forget that just as important is the garen that surrounds your house. This is where you are encouranged to use your imagination to choose the design of your choice that you wish to surround your house with. Even if you want a garden ful of trees, shrubs and flowers, artificial grass, or you would prefer a more industrial garden to home other miscelanious objects, the imprinted concrete integrates just as well in both situations.

Often when we think of concrete, we think of the colour and thats it. However imprinted concrete can take many shapes and colours, to ensure that it will fit your desires and your home the best possible outcome. The most popular material for constructing a home are red bricks, which creates an extraordinary contrast mixed with some greenary. In this context, the colour gray would not be suitaed for the imprented comcrete, on the other hand a cream is the exact colour that will compliment the overall home design.

We can present to you our different pattern options that you can choose from, for us to intergrate these within our work. This will add a modern touch to your garden. As you can see, for a red brick home, we have chosen a cream coloured concrete which we have acessorized with small, red, circle detailing with the same tone of colours as your home exterior.

Another advantage of imprinted concrete is how easy it is to clean. The dirt easily vanishes with the use of a power jet washer, without the need to spend a lot of time cleaning or using many expensive solutions.