One of the most pleassent feelings is  that the spce that you have been working  starts coming together and becoming the home you’ve been dreaming of. If the interior is finished, bring some attention to the exterior. What can we do here?

There are homes out there that have a generous sized garden, but in the case that your home does not permit the space for a garden, you can choose to use practicalw ith the way that you use your space. If this means using the space at the front of the house, you can transform the front into parking space by paving and using imprinted concrete. This material comes in divere colours, in which this can mould perfectly with your home design. Being able to provide such a wide range of options, the posibilities of creating armonious spaces full of contrast are endless.

In this example, our client has chosen a beige coloured imprinted concrete, intergrated with elements resembeling red brick. This option has been applied impecably with the home design, offering a complimenting scenery, and to offer a distinctive point, I have introduced decorative elements to animate the space.

Driveway paving is a perfect option to benefit from a small space. There are many shapes and colours with which we can play with to create a design for your garden taht wthh be exaxtlyw hat you had pictured in mind. Dont forget that imprinted concerete come with many advantages such as: comes in any shape you desire, including in the areas that are hard to acess, it is very realiable over time, it keeps it’s shape and aspect for a long period of time, requires minimum amount of maintanane. Lastly, the final result is extreamly satisfying and brenging a sophisticated aspect to the house.